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Headmaster Firas
Quibbler Writer

HeadmasterQuibbler Writer

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PostSubject: FINAL ROUND: JUDGEMENT   Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:12 pm

 Well, it's here.  The results for the final round.  Prepare, comfort yourselves, grab some candy you bought from Honeydukes and.. drum roll please!

Before we name the winner, I would just like to thank every team who has joined the tournament.  You have all been of excellent competitors and I cannot thank you all enough for the interesting read you have given myself, the judges and the rest of the school.  Thank you!

Now.. on to business...

The results for the 2013 Triwizard Tournament are as follows::

After the judges have spent a good 24 hours discussing the teams' flaws and positives, they have finally come to a long awaited conclusion.

The starting topic written by me which included the task instructions, had clearly said that the contestants must finish the roleplay by finding the gems and retrieving them back to the judges.  In the Q/A at the bottom of the post, a question was asked that read "What if both teams don't finish their rp?" the answer is, there is a tie, which is exactly what happened in the final round.  

Team Salazar's Fortune had successfully found the gems and on their journey back, they did not get to the judges, so their roleplay was incomplete. Team Valkyrie was similar, however she did not find the gems to begin with.  

Furthermore, Team Salazar's Fortune was chosen to be the winner until the obvious realization that the team had not even completed the roleplay was pitched out.  Therefore, there will be no winner for the 2013 Triwizard Tournament.  

Lastly, because these two excellent teams have been going at it for 4 rounds, we have decided to give you each a splendid prize for your doing in the tournament:

Each member from each team has been given: 150 Galleons and a golden necklace from the store Naut For You.  


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Valerie Naught
First Year

First Year

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PostSubject: Re: FINAL ROUND: JUDGEMENT   Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:05 pm

Excuse me, but I did find the gem. Please reread the final sentence of my last post.

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