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Headmaster Firas
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HeadmasterQuibbler Writer

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PostSubject: ROUND 2: JUDGEMENT   Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:52 pm

  Round 2: Judgement

Welcome back, contestants and viewers

Yet another round has passed throughout the Triwizard Tournament, and only 4 of the 9 are remaining.  The names of these will be saved for the end of this announcement.  

I will begin by naming the teams whom are eliminated and why:  

100% of the judges have chosen these two teams, the explanation from each of the judges will be summarized into one.

The following teams have been eliminated:
Team Theas
Team Elitara

Elitara & Theas:  Both teams did not complete their roleplay.  This shows that the members are not committed to completing their task, and did not put in half the effort they should have.  To win the tournament requires 110% effort and determination, which these two teams did not have.  All the more, thank you for competing in the 2013 TWT.  

This means: The 4 teams remaining whom are mentioned below will pursue to the next round, and the final one before the head-to-head between the last two teams.  This will be a round to determine who is worthy of competing in the last round and who is worthy of winning the Triwizard cup.  Goodluck to:

Team Salazar's Fortune
Team Rapid Rabbits
Team Valkyrie
Team Angelic Rose

ROUND 3 WILL BEGIN ON THURSDAY, JULY 18th (Hogwarts Academy Time - see sidebar)

P.S. I would like to thank all the judges for doing such a great job. You have all been of excellent help, I understand how hard it is to do your task.  Also, to the 2 teams who were eliminated, you were given 50 galleons each for even entering the TWT.  


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William McG
Teacher's Assistant
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Teacher's AssistantFirst Year

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PostSubject: Re: ROUND 2: JUDGEMENT   Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:33 pm

Yay! Im through! I hope I get to the final!

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